All-Natural Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle During Cold Season

We’re well into the winter, meaning we’ve reached the height of cold and flu season. While most of our wellness efforts have understandably focused on preventing Covid-19, it’s also critically important to be on guard against other common winter illnesses. The good news: there are many easy, affordable, and all-natural ways to fortify the body, strengthening its defenses to preserve peak health all season long. ManukaGuard is happy to share our favorite tips and tricks that will help you stay healthy, happy, and energized through the winter.

Sleep. It sounds simple (and highly enjoyable), but many of us don’t get enough sleep nightly. This affects your mood and energy level and makes your body more susceptible to illnesses. Our immunity is at its strongest when it is fully rested, as the body has enough energy to perform all its functions to the fullest. When one doesn’t get enough sleep, however, the body needs to make compromises. Some of us are deceptively “good” at functioning on little sleep: you might find yourself able to power through your job after only sleeping four hours, but the repercussions will arrive over days, as your immunity is weakened against colds. The Mayo Clinic recommends that adults over 18 get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night. While for many hard-working people, seven hours sounds like a luxury, think about it this way: with more energy, better moods, and fewer colds, you’ll be even more productive than you were before.

Hydration. Here’s another top cold defense strategy that couldn’t be simpler: drink water. A lot of it. It’s very easy to extend or worsen a mild cold by not hydrating sufficiently while having plenty of water during an illness can greatly expedite your recovery time. Staying hydrated allows the body to naturally flush out its system, ridding itself of harmful germs. This helps the body ward off colds and speeds your recovery time during the illness. Broadly, doctors recommend that every adult drinks 64 ounces of water (half a gallon) per day, though those with congestive heart failure have more specific requirements and should consult with their doctor. 

Tea and honey. Different teas offer a variety of restorative properties, from gastrointestinal health to sore throat relief. Tea is also one of the only beverages that, consumed in moderate amounts, is also hydrating, so those looking for a tasty and genuinely refreshing drink can find it in a large number of flavors. Enjoy it to start your morning, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or as a bedtime ritual. Chamomile teas are known to aid sleep and are perfect for winding down at the end of the day.

Honey, meanwhile, has natural antiviral and antimicrobial qualities, helping the body’s immunity to fight and recover from the common cold. No honey contains more health benefits than Manuka honey, the all-natural ingredient used to make all ManukaGuard products. Rich with properties that activate antibody production and reduce inflammation caused by infection. A half teaspoon of ManukaGuard’s MGO 100 Immune Support Manuka Honey is the perfect addition to your daily cup of tea. For those suffering more severe symptoms, ManukaGuard’s Medical Grade (MGO 400) Manuka Honey provides an all-natural line of defense. 

Chicken soup. It’s a standby for a reason: studies have shown chicken soup to have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce cold and flu symptoms. Hot liquids also help reduce mucus buildup and even offer hydration. Finally, chicken soup offers a delicious and fortifying meal to maintain healthy nutrition as you recover. It can be hard to get proper nourishment when you’re sick, as distracting discomfort or a lack of appetite can make eating feel like a chore. However, the body’s response to the illness will be greatly boosted by a healthy diet, and chicken soup is a perfect option for an easy but hearty meal. 

Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great to incorporate into your daily diet, boosting immunity to promote overall wellness. Studies have also shown that Vitamin C can shorten the lifespan of a cold. To maximize its benefits to the body, doctors recommend finding direct, all-natural sources of Vitamin C, which is particularly plentiful in oranges but also found in vegetables including spinach, broccoli, and potatoes, among many others. 

Steamy showers. Here’s one no one will object to: a hot shower or sauna is an easy and clean decongestant that can also relieve soreness, relaxing the body and conserving its energy. If you are suffering from symptoms of dizziness or weakness, it is important to enjoy the benefits of steam while seated and make sure you don’t overdo it.

Across the board, these wellness options are simple and easily accessible ways to keep the body strong. Moreover, they show that a holistic approach to your lifestyle is the best path to wellness. Many of the above recommendations could be incorporated into your day-to-day lifestyle. These habits even maximize each other’s benefits, allowing you to be your strongest, happiest self during the cold season and beyond. 

Written by Steph manor

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