Manuka Honey’s Heart-Healthy Benefits

ManukaGuard’s mission is to illuminate the science of honey and harness its unique, all-natural healing properties. Most research on the health benefits of honey focus on its treatment of three major issues: inflammation, immune support, and gut health. Our products also make use of honey’s known benefits for sleep, sinus relief, allergen support, and energy maintenance. Excitingly, pioneering studies are also beginning to find links between honey and heart health.

How does this work? In fact, many of the health issues mentioned above are increasingly being understood to be deeply related to the cardiovascular system. As science reveals the holistic processes of the body, it becomes clear that supporting one area (like, for example, the gut) in turn can have benefits elsewhere in the body. This means that Manuka honey products have rewards to the body beyond what was previously understood. 


Gut Health and Heart Health

Some of the heart health benefits of honey are linked to its positive effects on the gut. This is because a healthy microbiome is an integral part of healthy cardiovascular function. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have also found that our digestive functions are highly relevant to our risk for heart disease. 

Here’s how it works: honey – in particular high-MGO Manuka honey – contains all-natural sugars called oligosaccharides that serve as a prebiotic in the gut. These oligosaccharides support the growth of probiotic bacteria and stimulate the stomach’s microflora, which helps balance the bacteria in the gut to promote good digestive health.

How can you take steps to fortify your gut and in turn, your heart? A daily half-teaspoon of ManukaGuard's Gut Health MGO 400 Manuka Honey is an easy, all-natural wellness ritual that supports your microbiome. By nourishing your gut, you'll be doing so much more than aiding digestion – you'll be taking a heart-healthy step toward overall wellness.


Inflammation and Heart Health

Manuka honey is famous for its plentiful antioxidants, including flavonoids and polyphenols, which fight inflammation on the skin as well as within the body. This extends to the heart, where antioxidants have numerous benefits, including blood pressure modulation, heartbeat restoration, and the regulation of good and bad cholesterol. 

A report in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health explains that flavonoids are thought to decrease the risk of heart disease by rooting out harmful free radicals, decreasing the ability of platelets to clot in the blood, and preventing low-density lipoproteins (also known as LDL cholesterol) and triglycerides from oxidizing. At the same time that honey lowers bad cholesterol, scientists also speculate that it can raise good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol).

All of ManukaGuard’s Manuka honey contains powerful antioxidants that aid internal inflammation and in turn, help the heart.


Immune Support and Heart Health

Many take daily supplements of Manuka honey to specifically support the immune system, boosting defense against viral infection and seasonal colds. In fact, scientists are beginning to discover a new relationship between the immune system and cardiovascular health that adds a whole new dimension to immune support. 

The immune system includes tiny cells called microphages that help rid the body of unwanted cells and foreign materials. A recent report by Harvard University shows that these microphages have a role never previously understood in helping to regulate heartbeats. Having a low number of microphages can lead to an irregular heartbeat. This means that by supporting your immune system, you are also helping maintain the conditions that keep your heart beating strong.

For those looking for a daily immune support ritual with cardiovascular benefits, a half-teaspoon of our Immune Support MGO 100 Manuka Honey is a perfect all-natural supplement to keep your body strong. 

These are just a few ways that science is beginning to understand honey’s benefits to heart health. This burgeoning field of study is sure to continue to grow in the coming years, and we can’t wait to learn more about the incredible variety of things that honey can do for us. 

Written by Steph manor

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