New Intentions for a Healthy, Happy 2022

Happy New Year from ManukaGuard! The new year is off to a quick start and we are all still thinking about how we can be our best selves in 2022. For some of us, this means improving productivity and concentration, while for others it means giving oneself the space to relax and get a break from life’s many stresses. Whatever your particular needs might be, chances are you spent December thinking of a New Year’s resolution to help you make the most of the year ahead. However, resolutions are as easy to make as they are to break. What’s really difficult is following through with your plans to truly create positive change in your life. That’s why at ManukaGuard, we believe in setting New Year’s intentions rather than resolutions.

What’s the difference between an intention and a resolution? It’s a question of attitude.

Resolutions are strict and often critical in nature. Rules like these can feel restricting and intimidating, because they highlight sources of dissatisfaction and frustration, focusing on what you should not do rather than what you can do. While we all need some tough love every now and then, it’s hard to stay motivated when the emphasis is so negative. It’s, therefore, no surprise that they’re so easy to break. In fact, studies have shown that up to 90% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions, and psychologists agree that they are not an effective tool to change your habits.

More productive – and more sustainable in the long term – are intentions, which take a more positive, open-minded, and self-loving approach to establishing a vision for the year ahead. The difference between a resolution and an intention is as simple as a shift in perspective: while resolutions point out weaknesses and flaws, intentions find room for growth. In other words, while resolutions tend to highlight failures, intentions illuminate new possibilities. This means intentions often take a more general focus than a super-specific resolution, allowing you to return to them in more contexts.

Take, for example, dieting. Many struggle to maintain healthy eating habits and have deep-seated concerns about their weight and health. A resolution to deal with this problem might sound something like, “Eat less junk food and smaller meals so you don’t gain so much weight.” This is rigid and fault-finding in its tone, making the task at hand seem daunting and dreary. Changing the framework, however, can highlight the rewards and riches of that same goal. “Cultivate healthy eating habits by finding new nutritious recipes” is an intention that offers another way of helping your diet, but it promotes the most enjoyable, self-nourishing part of the process.

How does one set healthy intentions for the year ahead? To start, remember why you are setting your intention in the first place: to motivate and inspire you all year long. It’s imperative that your intentions be simple, memorable, and, most importantly, affirmative. Whether broad or focused, chances are there’s already some topic in your mind that you want to address in the year ahead. Looking at that topic in an affirmative light will help you find the motivation you need to take on new challenges. It helps to come up with an “I am…” statement that boosts your confidence and supports your goal.

Let’s imagine your intention was the earlier example, “Cultivate healthy eating habits by finding new nutritious recipes.” This would mean that your initial topic had been something like food. An affirming “I am…” statement might be something like, “I am at my best when I am fortified by good food, and I deserve to invest in healthy eating options.” 

From here, it’s easy to start brainstorming how you will make your intention a reality. By focusing on the positive and affirming your self-worth, you’ll find the process of pursuing your goal exciting and fulfilling. You might find it more enjoyable to find healthy meals than you’d expected, or you’ll discover how easy it is to start a regimen of vitamins and supplements, like a daily spoonful of ManukaGuard Immune Support Manuka Honey.

Whatever your goals are, start off your year with positivity and self-love. An affirmative attitude will bring you that much closer to accomplishing everything you set your mind to.

ManukaGuard wishes you a happy new year full of good intentions. 

Written by Steph manor

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