ManukaGuard Sinus Cleanser Education
Our Sinus Cleanser is guaranteed to relieve the sinus issues and pressure you may be feeling. Made with natural ingredients, drug free, non-gmo, and safe for children as young as 1 year of age. This has been backed by 36 peer reviewed research data and will have you breathing easy again in no time. 
Best practices for our Sinus Cleanser include using it and taking it everywhere you go. 
Activities OUR nasal spray can be effective for:
  1. Travel 
  2. School/Work
  3. Family Gatherings
  4. Parties
  5. Sports Events
Our nasal spray can also help with immune health, providing you with a stronger immune system to fight off any bugs you might come in contact with when engaging in any of the 5 items listed above. There is so much pollen and bacteria in the air that we breathe that we forget how much of that we are actually breathing in. These contaminants cause irritants which in turns becomes an infection inside our bodies. One way to stop this from happening is with our Sinus Cleanser. Using it when you are away from your house or around other people. It will boost that immune and remove any contaminants and mucus in your sinus cavity and nostrils. 
This amazing nasal spray also removes a biofilm, which until now was only detached with surgery. Our sinus cleanser detaches the biofilm that causes 95% of all the bacterial and viral infections we get in our bodies. So by using our nasal spray and removing this, you will start to see a difference in your health during Cold and Allergy Season. 
So get your life back and start leading a healthier life by using our Sinus Cleanser nasal spray. 1-2 pumps in each nostril 1-3 times a  day as needed guaranteed to have you BREATHING the way you want in NO TIME!
**Please consult your doctor before using the product if you are taking other medications. If you are allergic to bee products please discard product. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.**
Written by hanna miles

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