The History of Honey as Medicine

The History of Honey as Medicine Through History





      Honey has been used throughout history for its medicinal properties. Many ancient cultures used the benefits of the medicinal constituents derived from honey.  The treatment to use in honey in common ailments has been depicted through history. Egyptians, Greek, Roman and Hindu, Mayan cultures and many more have used honey as medicine. They recognized the natural medicines available in honey.

      Biblical times and in Ancient Egypt they commonly used honey on wounds to facilitate healing. The antibacterial properties in honey were a key ingredient in most ancient medicines. The ancient Greeks of used honey for many ailments such as wounds, coughs and sore throats. In in India, and in Ayurvedic medicine honey is used for the digestion. Romans have used honey and also in Jewish celebrations. Mead was made from fermented honey and was a honey alcohol beverage.

     Honey is still something we use today and it is a medicine that has carried through to modern times. Today we use Manuka Honey which stands above all other types of honey. Honey was revered by many and the ancients knew the benefits and we know today the medicinal properties of manuka honey which sets it apart has a truly staple in the wellness lifestyle.

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Written by Steph manor

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