Sleep Well

8.8 oz / 250g Formulated With Manuka Honey
17.6 oz / 500g Formulated With Manuka Honey
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“Restful sleep” will help you feel better, boost your mood and banish under the eye dark patches. A good night´s rest is the foundation for a healthy, happy, productive existence. Decent sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit heart health, body weight management and supports a mind. Take a teaspoonful one hour before bedtime for a restful asleep. It ensures adequate glycogen, stabilizes blood sugar levels providing the brain with the energy it needs to produce melatonin putting the body & mind to sleep. The body repairs itself during restful sleep. Doctors recognize the importance of “Restful Sleep” and how a lack of it can lead to serious disease. Authentic Manuka Honey normalizes your sleep patterns through improved glycogen uptake supporting good, healthy melatonin production and sleep with all its positive health benefits.

Sugar content: Manuka Honey is about 81% fructose and glucose, the same healthy kind as fruits and vegetables. The UMF rating system has been abandoned as a labeling requirement by the New Zealand Government (MPI) which now requires the methylglyoxal content or MGO on every label. Regular honey contains hydrogen peroxide however it is the methylglyoxal that makes Manuka Honey different from all other types of honey.