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The story begins with our founder

Gavin Gear, who suffered from acid reflux and heartburn for more than 30 years. In his mid-twenties, he sought out the help of heart doctors, thinking his symptoms could be a precursor to a heart attack. His heart was not the issue; it was severe acid reflux. A gastroenterologist warned him of the cancer risk to his esophagus from long-term  acid reflux or heartburn and recommended Gavin

begin taking antacids. Gavin moved from one antacid product to the next, increasing the dosage or strength of each product, while the disease and symptoms got progressively worse. He thought, “stick with these products and I will get better.” He did NOT get better. The acid-blocking products not only had adverse side effects, but they did not treat the cause of the problem, they just made it worse. 

By 2009, at age 58, Gavin was out of options. Nothing resolved his symptoms; he lost weight and had given up many foods and drinks including his favorite, “cuppa tea.” It was at this time that a childhood friend from his native New Zealand, trained in both pharmaceuticals and natural therapies, introduced Gavin to Manuka Honey. Gavin flew immediately to New Zealand and found that this potent honey was being used as medicine by the indigenous Maori for wound healing and digestive issues. Educated in the sciences, Gavin went to work both studying gastrointestinal issues and formulating a product that resolved heartburn and reflux using Medical Grade Manuka Honey. From this work, our first product was born: Nutralize. The only product to this day made with Medical Grade Manuka Honey and formulated specifically to target heartburn and acid reflux with no known harmful side effects nor interactive drug complications so common with synthetic prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs.


In the spring of 2010, Gavin travelled to New Zealand again

to celebrate Dr. Peter Molan and his successes in the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato. Dr. Molan began his pioneering research of Manuka Honey’s healing properties in 1982 and revolutionized the Manuka Honey industry. During this celebration, Dr. Molan took Gavin aside and said, “Gavin, make a nasal spray with Manuka. I know you can figure it out” And thus began Gavin’s quest to invent a nasal spray using Medical Grade Manuka Honey.




In 2011, ManukaGuard Throat & Chest Syrup was created.

manuka honey cough syrup

Using Medical Grade Manuka Honey MGO 600 combined with all-natural drug free ingredients designed to stop cough and help children suffering from strep throat. Medical grade Manuka Honey supports a strong immune system, reduces irritation in the throat and soothes coughs associated with hoarseness, dry throat, environmental contaminants. ManukaGuard Throat & Chest syrup is a powerful, effective, drug free choice for recovering the throat back to good health.  

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In 2012, due to consumer demand and the growing awareness of Manuka Honey, ManukaGuard introduced our first honey in jars.

Specifically selected to target inflammation in the areas of serious gastrointestinal issues, overall digestive health, sore throat and cough. During these years Gavin was hard at work perfecting the nasal spray and it was fortunate timing because by the age of 3, his granddaughter was hospitalized twice with bacterial pneumonia. She was constantly sick with colds and flu and had been diagnosed with chronic food allergies. Her health was in a vulnerable state. A breathing machine was installed in her home, she was missing school and her medical bills were sky high.



Within days of using one of the first versions of ManukaGuard nasal spray Kora´s breathing issues dramatically improved. As did her allergies, over the coming weeks, with just 5 grams per day of Medical Grade Manuka Honey taken orally. The breathing machine went back to the hospital. The financial burden was gone and today at age 8, she is a healthy child who happily never misses a day of school. Kora´s immune system is now protecting her from the allergies and seasonal bugs that previously led to two hospital stays. We are glad that Kora was able to overcome her debilitating allergies with Medical Grade Manuka Honey. She loves her honey and her grandpa Gavin for helping her get back to good health.

Gavin finalized the nasal spray formulation and in 2016 it was offered to consumers.

Using Medical Grade Manuka Honey MGO 400 (12+) as the primary ingredient: Medical Grade Manuka Honey Allercleanse detaches bacteria and other microbes from sinus cavities, allowing for a more thorough cleansing than saline alone can provide.



This same year two more jars of honey

were introduced, one selected to aid in sleep support and the other to fight fatigue. In 2018, ManukaGuard introduced Medical Grade Manuka Honey Sinus Cleanser. Our strongest nasal spray, Sinus Cleanser uses Manuka Honey MGO 600 to clean out nasal and sinus microbes that cause blocked nasal passages.

Today our commitment remains to reduce suffering by offering drug free, all-natural remedies that work and to help consumers find the RIGHT honey for the RIGHT health issue. 

We look forward to continuing to support our customers in taking control of and regaining their health by offering Medical Grade Manuka Honey products for you and your loved ones.


Gavin Gear and his Manukaguard Team