Manuka Honey Sinus Cleanser MGO 600

This is our strongest sinus cleaner, meaning we use a medical grade Manuka Honey MGO 600 as compared to our Allercleanse Nasal Spray which uses medical grade Manuka MGO 400.

Medical Grade Manuka Honey is very effective because it thoroughly cleans out the sinuses and nasal passages so you can breathe. You will feel it working:  it may sting the first few times you use it, this is normal. That is the cleaning effect of the honey working quickly to get you breathing and surprisingly, to support a good night´s sleep.


Description: Medical Grade Manuka Honey in a saline solution, 130 pumps or if used twice daily, a 32 day supply

 Good for:  clearing nasal passages quickly permitting you to breathe through the nose

Quantity: 20 ml / 0.65 FL or 130 pumps of if used twice daily a 32 day supply

Directions: The nasal pump provides 130 pumps of soothing fine Manuka Honey mist gently cleans and moisturizes nasal passages. Spray 1-2 pumps per nostril up to three times per day