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We believe... natural is a wise choice
We believe... in sound research
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The ManukaGuard team offers naturally safe and effective wellness products for your whole family.

We bring Science & Nature together, With peer reviewed published research and certified Medical Grade Manuka honey from New Zealand. Gavin

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Immunity Self Wellness
  • Prevention

    We believe by keeping your nose clean With a medical-grade manuka nasal spray You control your nose, sinuses, and immune Ecosystem. You control the primary entry point of bacteria, viruses, and other bugs into your body.

  • Saves You Money

    Our products are designed to save you money over time.

    What is Manuka honey?

    Why ManukaGuard

    Manuka Solutions for the Whole Body

    The Manuka Miracle

  • 100% Drug Free

    How this industry says Natural Ingredients, with no drug like side effects

  • Immune Support

    We believe the immune System begins with clean sinuses


    • MGO is a grading method of measuring the antibacterial strength of the manuka honey.
    • The higher the number, the higher the antibacterial
    • strength of a particular honey.
    • Medical Grade Manuka Benefits.
    • ManukaGuard makes no antibacterial claims on its labels
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    • The BEST sinus cleansers on the market, better than saline.
    • The importance of super-cleaned sinuses. Medical Grade Manuka Benefits.
    • 100% Drug Free.
    • What is Medical Grade Manuka Honey. ImmuneGuard Nasal Spray Benefits.
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    People Love Manuka Guard


    It really tastes and smells like Manuka honey, other sprays are synthetic but this one is the real deal!!

    Gregory F Sanville

    Easy to use and works well clearing passages. Possibly the harsh burning
    sensation is how it works. Very harsh. I only use it when I really need
    it. The Manuka honey is great for infections and bacteria…


    Wow this is the 1st product that has truly made a difference in my
    chronic sinus issues.
    Helped with sinus pressure, sleeping , headaches and day to day living.
    Yes it does burn some, but well worth breathing through my noise.

    Ji Pride

    It really tastes and smells like Manuka honey, other sprays are synthetic but this one is the real deal!!

    Manuka FAQ's

    1. What is Medical Grade Manuka Honey

    Whilst table grade is suitable for human consumption and may possess antibacterial and anti- inflammatory activity, Medical Grade Manuka honey is superior in all aspects. Since there is little control over the bee’s production of the honey, strict measures need to be taken to make honey a suitable substance for use in medical devices. This can only be obtained by skilled and experienced apiculturists. Manufacturers of Medical Grade Manuka must adhere strict criteria in the areas of apiculture practices, sterility, pest management, storage, extraction, filtration and documentation.

    There is international law defining when an ingredient can be termed “Medical grade”. Experts in the field such as Professor Peter Molan of Waikato University, New Zealand, have strived to create a set of criteria and guidelines by which the industry can categorize the purity of Manuka honey as Medical Grade. Manuka honey that complies with these set criteria and deemed “Medical Grade” can then be considered for inclusion in medical devices and medicinal formulations.
    Here are the standards that need to be met in order for a Manuka honey product to qualify as medical grade Manuka honey:

    1.Minimum MGO 100
    This is established and confirmed by third party testing.

    Medical Grade honey for oral ingestion is not sterilized
    Sterilization is performed using e-beam technology, specifically for honey in FDA approved medical devices. E-beam technology is not gamma irradiation, rather a method of sterilization that does not affect Manuka’s activity.

    Precise documentation and quality control enable trace-back through extraction and processing procedures to the location of the sites of the hive from which the batch honey has been collected. All documentation of production, extraction, processing and shipping is audited under the GMP and ISO standards. Contaminants

    4.Unlike table honey, there is low tolerance to presence of contaminants in Medical Grade Manuka honey. The contaminants tested for and maximum levels allowed are as follows:

    Antibiotics – zero tolerance

    Insecticides – zero tolerance

    Pesticide (inc. organochlorines) – zero tolerance

    Miticide – zero tolerance.
    Heavy metals – less than 20ppm
    Foreign matter – less than 50 micron .
    Benzaldehyde – zero tolerance
    Tutin – Zero tolerance
    Para DiChloroBenzene (PDCB) – zero tolerance
    Organochlorines – no more than 0.1mg/kg
    Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) – zero tolerance
    Hydroxymethyl Furfural (HMF) – <40

    2. What is not Medical Grade Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey with a Nutritional Facts Panel is not a Medical Grade honey. Grocery store Manuka honey is not Medical Grade UNLESS Medical Grade is stated on the label, it is not medical grade.

    3. What is DHA? (dihydroxyacetone)

    The Manuka flower contains nectar that is collected by regular honey-hunting bees. DHA is in the Manuka nectar and is vital to the creation of  Manuka honey. No DHA, no Manuka honey!
    As the Manuka nectar containing DHA naturally heats up in the hive it converts to methylglyoxal (MGO). Manuka honey matures and hits its peak MGO strength approximately 18 months from the time of harvest when all of the DHA has converted to MGO.

    4. What is MGO What does the MGO number stated on the label mean?

    Methylglyoxal, commonly abbreviated as MGO, refers to the antibacterial strength of each Manuka honey batch and varies greatly from batch to batch.
    The higher the MGO the higher the cost and often a high MGO is not necessarily the best option. We are happy to discuss this with you at info@manukaguard.com

    5. Which MGO do you recommend?

    MGO 100 is optimal for daily immune support
    MGO 200 is optimal for soothing the throat and assisting with a good night’s sleep
    MGO 250 is optimal to support a healthy digestive system.
    MGO 400, Medical Grade is our strongest Manuka Honey, it is optimal for immune support, stomach discomfort, and/or restoring the gut microbiome.
    MGO 600 is used in our formulated products, is, therefore, diluted, and is best used in a diluted form.
    We believe consumers should not self-medicate with a Manuka honey MGO 600 and higher.

    6. What is UMF (Unique Manuka Factor)?

    The UMF rating system has been abandoned as a labeling requirement by the New Zealand Government Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). MPI now requires the MGO content to be shown on the label.

    7. Are there residual pesticides in Manuka honey?

    The New Zealand Manuka honey industry has a zero-tolerance policy for pesticides. Manuka beehives are located in or near Manuka forest and a minimum of 10 Kilometers from farmland.
    The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries heavily regulates the farming, processing, and packaging of Manuka honey.
    To learn more, please visit New Zealand Government Manuka Standards

    "This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"