Manuka Honey’s Heart-Healthy Benefits

Steph manor

ManukaGuard’s mission is to illuminate the science of honey and harness its unique, all-natural healing properties. Most research on the health benefits of honey focus on its treatment of three major issues: inflammation, immune support, and gut health. Our products also make use of honey’s known benefits for sleep, sinus relief, allergen support, and energy maintenance. Excitingly, pioneering studies are also beginning to find links between honey and heart health. How does this work? In fact, many of the health issues mentioned above are increasingly being understood to be deeply related to the cardiovascular system. As science reveals the holistic...

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A Handful of Reasons Why Honey is Better than Refined Sugar

hanna miles

As we enter October, aside from Valentine’s Day, a month in which our families eat candy as part of the Halloween holiday, a reminder that not all sugar is created equal. Honey and refined white sugar are both sweeteners and are highly calorie (energy) dense foods. However, when feeding your sweet tooth, there is no question that honey is better than refined sugar for you and your family, here are a handful of reasons why: Honey is sweeter, so you can use less. One tablespoon of white sugar contains 49 calories, while 1 tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories. However, because honey...

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