What is Manuka Honey Good For?

Steph manor

  ManukaGuard Blog 9/8/21 What is Manuka Honey Good For?      You wonder what is the hype about manuka honey and what is so good about it? Is it not like any other honey? We will cover the medicinal properties of manuka honey. Since ancient times they have used honey in the healing of burns, wounds and pain. From the Ancient Romans to the Ancient Egyptians and to other ancient cultures who knew the benefits of using honey to heal the human body.      In 2007, manuka honey was approved by the US FDA as an option for wound treatment....

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What makes a good clean energy drink?

Consumers are well aware of the dangerous ingredients in energy drinks. In fact these drinks contain mostly stimulants and little if any real energy. Given these concerns over the safety, we decided that it is time for a change. At manukaguard we decided to give you a healthy, holistic, natural alternative.
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