Manuka Honey’s Heart-Healthy Benefits

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ManukaGuard’s mission is to illuminate the science of honey and harness its unique, all-natural healing properties. Most research on the health benefits of honey focus on its treatment of three major issues: inflammation, immune support, and gut health. Our products also make use of honey’s known benefits for sleep, sinus relief, allergen support, and energy maintenance. Excitingly, pioneering studies are also beginning to find links between honey and heart health. How does this work? In fact, many of the health issues mentioned above are increasingly being understood to be deeply related to the cardiovascular system. As science reveals the holistic...

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November ManukaGuard Holiday Cocktail and Mocktail Recipe

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Celebrate the holidays with ManukaGuard.

Our November ManukaGuard holiday cocktail, mocktail, Honey Bourbon Cider recipe will be a hit at your family gathering this season. Learn more about these recipes and how to incorporate ManukaGuard into your holiday.


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