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ManukaGuard creates naturally safe and effective self-healthcare products as alternatives to products that treat symptoms only and come with side effects.


100% Drug Free

How this industry says Natural ingredients.


Medical Grade is a standard of purity, to a Internationally recognized standard. This medical grade is not irradiated, and is pasteurized.

Optimize Self Healthcare

One half teaspoon, 5 grams, taken orally one hour prior to food, delivers the maximum benefit take up to five times per day.


Immune system support and this is our strongest immune system product. Gastrointestinal support and again this is our stongest gastrointestinal support.

Made in the USA

With Medical Grade Manuka honey imported from New Zealand.

Sustainably Farmed

Bees and manuka forests are our business and we take the job of protecting them very seriously.

How ManukaGuard Saves You Money

Our products deliver the expected result, or we do not sell them.

ImmuneGuard Nasal Spray Benefits

Effective immune support starts with a super cleansing of the sinues.


A story of uncompromised passion

At age seven, I decided I wanted to be a business man, by age eight, discovered
the United States of America, and by age ten my path in life was determined, in spite of being New Zealand born and coming from a poor farming background.

Today that passion is to shift healthcare into products that work, few symptoms, if any, nature derived, safe and effective.

Then we ask, trust us please.


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