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New Our Story

New Our Story

We believe everyone can live their healthiest life….naturally.

Our Story

Gavin Gear came to the United States from New Zealand to live the American Dream. It’s a dream he continues to live and treasure every day. A teacher, a race car driver and an accomplished businessman, Gavin, proudly married to his wife Tamara for 38 years, is all about commitment. Gavin founded ManukaGuard with a personal commitment to bring wellness to all by harnessing the healing gifts of mother nature. The company was started in 2009 by Gavin and his lifelong friend Brett Edmonds. (Gavin and Brett met when they were eight year old neighbors in Otara, New Zealand.) Gavin was driven (no racecar driver related pun intended), to develop a treatment for an ongoing issue that he struggled with. What started as a chronic heartburn issue, had become a serious acid reflux problem. When conventional medicine in the form of proton pump inhibitors had failed to provide help, Brett suggested that manuka honey – the New Zealand super food used by Maori people for centuries to treat various health conditions - might be a solution.
Brett was right. After researching, obtaining and consuming naturally produced manuka honey, Gavin was able to conquer his acid reflux. He vowed to share this discovery with anyone who would listen. This was the beginning of the ManukaGuard journey. By 2022, after thirteen years of research and product development, Gavin and his carefully assembled team are now making pure, unadulterated medical grade manuka honey products available to the rest of the world.

Family Business

In 2012, Gavin’s three-year-old granddaughter Kora was constantly sick and suffering from chronic food allergies which impacted her quality of life. A breathing machine had to be installed in her home and she was often missing school. The medical bills were also piling up. Gavin suggested to Kora’s parents to have her try ManukaGuard’s nasal spray to help clean Kora’s sinuses and nasal passages. Within only a few days there was a dramatic improvement. In the coming weeks, Kora’s health continued to improve as her immune system appeared to recover and she regained her strength. The breathing device was returned to the hospital and the financial burden on her parents eased and then went away.
We believe the regular use of the nasal spray cleaned and kept clean Kora’s sinuses, resulting in a much healthier (and happier) Kora. We believe the relief Gavin and his granddaughter Kora enjoyed should be experienced by people all over the world, and that a healthier lifestyle can be achieved by using medical grade manuka products. We also believe your safety comes first. That’s why all ManukaGuard products are extensively tested for safety and effectiveness. We also us only natural ingredients. ManukaGuard products don’t contain GMO, pesticides, additives or artificial colors and flavorings. We are the real thing – pure, unadulterated manuka honey from New Zealand. It helped our family and we want it to help yours. In pursuit of a healthier, happier, better world, Gavin, Brett, and the ManukaGuard team

"This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"