MGO 200 Manuka Honey



A recent clinical study of children and their parents show honey as more effective for suppressing a cough and helping children get a restful sleep than common OTC products. The parent’s reported the honey worked for them too!

Manuka honey offers far more than regular honey. Once regular honey reaches body temperature, the activity is over. Manuka honey works immediately it is taken and once at body temperature the activity increases dramatically.

Did you know the Manuka Tree and Tea Tree are the same tree? It’s a fact. Tea tree oil comes from the leaves and honey from the nectar bees harvest from the manuka flower. The health benefits of a small amount of manuka honey are remarkable.

Directions: Take ½ half a teaspoon under the tongue 3-5 times daily before meals or mix it in warm water.

Most importantly, manuka honey comes from New Zealand; the country with the highest farming standards in the world. Manuka honey is completely natural, no drugs, no chemicals, no artificial additives or dyes and most important for children, no alcohol.

Quantity: 8.8 oz. / 250g / approximately 100 servings