Gut Health


What does Gut Health do for your digestive care?

Raw ManukaGuard Gut Health MGO 400 Honey promotes overall health, “feeding” gut flora to nourish the digestive system and restore the gut microbiome. The natural “good sugars” in melt-in-your-mouth manuka honey – called oligosaccharides -- serve a prebiotic function that sets the stage for probiotic bacteria in the intestine. In addition to balancing good and bad bacteria in the gut, this honey stimulates the stomach’s microflora. Digestive microflora form a complex ecosystem of more than 400 bacterial species that aid in digestion and help build a foundation for good digestive health. MGO 400 also has been reported to increase short-chain fatty acids, or SCFA, which help metabolize carbohydrates and fat.*

Ingredients: Manuka Honey MGO 400




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